A beautiful chaos. Fashion reimagined through seeing material waste as a precious commodity.

The Capstone Project 2022 Inspiration

Undo - Redo - Close the Loop (URCTL).

: Seeing Material waste as a precious commodity

Below are the things I’ve seen, read, heard, and felt. Things in which shaped my sustainable fashion practice and this project for the last 6+ months of research in 2021-2022. 

Undo Redo Close the Loop was forged into a project since the inception of the COVID19 lockdown period.  Observing and analysing what was happening in the world, and noticing consumer behaviour activities close to home, the topic of waste within fashion intersecting with consumer culture really hit the spot. 

Questions asked:

What do I really want to do?

What do I want to change for the better in fashion?

How? and with what?

I wanted to demonstrate to people the accessibility to sustainable fashion and upcycling at home, utilising pre-loved items and easily found wasted materials that usually diviates to landfill.

I asked myself what copious items do we have around the house that usually sees a fast turnaround that’s percieved as having low value..?

Why do we have to see things as rubbish?

Can we reuse, reimagine, repurpose and upcycle?

Assist in closing the loop.

Remake things in an interesting way to keep things longer.

Values and attitude. Defining what sustainability means.

Material flow, material waste - design byproduct. 


Inspiration Moodboard
[clockwise from top left]

  1. Fashion resource - remake, My own deconstruction/ reconstruction process, managing waste.
  2. Book: Clothing Poverty by A.Brooks
  3. Journal Article: Fashion, sustainability and the anthropocene
  4. Podcast: Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press
  5. Life observation: The 2nd hand donation bins “where does it truly go..?”
  6. Designer: Martin Margiela
  7. Designer: Marine Serre